Monday, January 05, 2009


The family that's jailed together...

Stays together?

Tune in to Guiding Light this January to find out!


Rebekah said... picture for a photo preview? Can we have a few more pictures for this week? =D

I doubt Reva and Shayne get arrested, so the pic makes little sense..

supersage21 said...

Hope Reva and Josh are in there TOGETHER! I'll get'em however I can get'em.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean Sage, my only problem is that with Scruffey McRapist being the DA, you just know that they're gonna have him ride in and save the day. BARF! Get a clue GL, the man is a control freak serial rapist! He is not, I repeat NOT a hero! He is not a romantic leading man. And he sure as heck is not worthy of being the husband to this show's marquee female lead.

Get rid of that useless drag already and reunite Josh & Reva because reuniting the real couples and dumping all the recent pathetic ones that this show has created is one of the only ways to reignite viewer interest. For example, a lot of people are excited about Phillip's return. Personally, I'm gonna have to wait and see how it plays out before I get excited about it because if he returns and Beth stays with PsychoAlan and Phillip doesn't get another shot at love with either Beth or Olivia and is stuck being nothing more than an obstacle to Lizzie and Bill, it'll all be for naught anyway.