Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Yesterday's photo request was from NancyD, who asked for Anything to make a CarJacker try to hang on?

How's this, Nancy?

There's Carly and Jack, ever so close together. And there's Janet, waaaay in the background. Looking peeved.

Will this keep you going into Spring?


schiffeg68 said...

United for a common cause? :) They all look a bit worried.

nancyd said...

Thank you so much! I needed that today :)

While I'd love to see them happier, the fact that Janet is sooooo far in the background looking none too happy works for me! Good choice.

Since hopefully spring isn't far away, that should help me hold on! Thanks for the great picture to help us keep hanging on!

Oakdalian said...

Heck, that wont keep me going 5 minutes from now.

Katy said...

Looks pretty interesting? Wonder if that's got something to do with Parker?

Speaking of ... since requests are working ... anything of what Parker's been up to?

And simply because I want to say it again: I miss JJ.

Katie said...

It looks like Janet has nothing to worry about.

Katy - I miss JJ a lot too!