Monday, March 02, 2009


The Year: 1999

The Snowed In: Phillip Spaulding/Beth Raines

The Circumstances: Phillip, wife Harley, daughter Lizzie, newborn son Zach, and Beth, boyfriend Jim and Jim's daughter, Susan (now known as Daisy) were visiting Cassie and Richard in San Cristobel for Thanksgiving (they have Thanksgiving in San Cristobel? Who knew?). Phillip, Beth and Jim had to return to Springfield early for business reasons. Their plane crashed into a snowy mountain (tropical San Cristobel has mountains?), and Jim, the ex-Navy Seal, set off on his own to find help. Phillip and Beth were left behind. They made a video for Lizzie in case they didn't make it. They reminisced, they huddled together for warmth, they had sex. They were rescued.

The Result: James Spaulding (named for Jim, whom Beth claimed was her baby's father after Phillip refused to leave Harley and remarry her.)

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