Thursday, March 12, 2009


As regular readers of this blog know, I can't resist a cute baby. So here is Guiding Light's newest cast-member(s). Twins Ian and Chad Chlebowski make their first TV appearance on Tuesday, March 17 as Marina and Mallet’s adopted newborn, Henry Cooper Camaletti.

And in the interest of equal time - As The World Turns' youngest actress:


schiffeg68 said...

Thank you for the picture of Paul with his cutie pie daughter!!

em_loves_peg said...

I love that picture of daddy and his little Eliza!

wheelswee said...

Little Henry is cute, but, I have to wonder if he is really Shayne and Lara's baby.

Please more GL photos!

PEGROCKS said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww......Paul and his little "queen".

I adore Eliza!!!

She is the most darling in all the afternoon!

Thanks so much for this gorgeous pic of Paul and his daughter!

More, more Eliza!

jhc2010 said...

Anyone know the name of the infant that is playing Eliza?

Rebekah said...

I LOVE that baby!! So glad he's M&M's son. :D Cant wait to see more of him/them.

Anonymous said...

The baby's cute as a button but thank goodness we all know that he's Shayne's son and that he'll get him back eventually because what Mallet did because no reputable adoption agency in the world would give a helpless baby to two people who've only been married a few months, are 25 years apart, are totally mismatched, have no money to spare, and both have huge question marks in their past because he's a murderer and she likes to bang criminals, is disgusting. WTH?!

Please don't drag this out, watching M&M play house together is brutal. The other night they looked like a middled-father and his teenaged daughter spending time with her new baby brother while mom was upstairs sleeping. It was just as creepy as that shot of them in one of the openings where Marina's walking on a ledge like an eight year-old and Mallet's holding her hand and guiding her like he's her godfather. Oh wait, he is her godfather and that's creepy as hell.

Let Shayne discover it's his baby. Marina can dump the boring old man and reunite with Cyrus while Mallet & Shayne fight over Dinah-mite with Shayne winning and Mallet going to prison for the first-degree murder of the man he shot in cold-blood in NYC right in front of the man's own child and never got punished for.

Westbrook said...

I didn't think the pictures from the blog were allowed to be posted on other message boards, websites, etc. Funny how everytime there is a picture of featuring Meg or Paul, it is immediately posted elsewhere. I hope the Peg fans are happy when the author of the blog stops putting pics on this blog due to their fanbase not following instructions.