Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's Doris on one side of the legal aisle and Mel on the other as Jeffrey and Reva head for court to determine their baby's fate.

Jeffrey wants his son delivered early so that Reva can get the medical care she needs. Reva is determined not to bring her boy into the world until she's sure he's ready and healthy.

Will Jeffrey force Reva to have a C-section? Will Reva fight back as only Reva Shayne can? And what role will Josh play in all of this?

Find out, only on Guiding Light!


elvara said...

Why the he!! is Doris involved in this? Isn't Doris the mayor? Or the DA? I guess she's whatever works that week. Makes no sense.

supersage21 said...

Josh will play D. Shoulder Tuleanon. It is a recurring role that is certain to please Jeva fans. :)

wheelswee said...

Jeffrey is no good for Reva!! She needs to open her eyes and realize the man she really loves--Josh has been there all along!!

Also, can't this baby be Josh's!! Jeffrey and Reva need to end!!

Rebekah said...

Reva needs some "alone" scenes. I hate Josh and Jeffrey with Reva. So boring.

Anonymous said...

Damn Jeffrey is such a pig! Note: This show's core audience is women, so to have a woman-hating serial rapist treating his wife this way and being portrayed as anything other than the sick, twisted villain he is, is really stupid not to mention insulting.

If Reva ever forgives this monumental betrayal, she isn't half the woman I thought she was. This is about nothing but control for Jeffrey. His obsession with controlling every element of every facet so things turn out "his way", even to the point of legally betraying Reva's deepest, most sincere wishes. I don't give a damn if he's scared or whatever he's supposed to be feeling. This is not the fifteenth century where the man plants his flag where his seed is sown and the woman is nothing but conquered territory to be ruled by his iron fist. This is Reva's decision. It's her body. It's her cancer. It's her life. It's her potential death. And yes, it's her baby. Reva and that baby are a single entity right now and until the baby's born and needs a day-to-day daddy, Jeffrey is little more than a sperm donor. If he doesn't agree with her decision? Too bad. He married an impetuous woman who routinely risks her life for things she deems worthy of the sacrifice. He'd better either deal with it or bow out but he won't because only a secure man would be capable of such self-awareness and he's the antithesis of secure which is why he feels this need to control and abuse women to make himself feel big.

Annie39 said...

Jeffrey's the best thing that ever happened to Reva! Josh has never done anything but criricize her....from the beginning of time! I'm loving Jeffrey and Reva and their combined caring for one another!