Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have written it before, but I guess I need to write it again.

All of the preview, action and gallery photos that we are able to offer for your enjoyment on this site belong to the photographers who took them. They are copyrighted images. They may not be copied from this site and posted elsewhere. (If you would like to share these images, please post a link.)

Earlier this week, a number of images were copied and reposted without permission. If this goes on we will simply not be able to post more pictures as we will be in breech of our licensing agreement.

For everyone's sake, please do not copy images from this site for your own personal use.

Thank you -

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Shirla said...
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Shirla said...

Are we allowed to post just the link to this site on other sites, so others can come here to view the photo's?
(Sorry I had to delete my first comment because of a phrase error on my part)

Katy said...

If the photographer is credited (as it is usually noted in the photos URL) can they be posted on fansites? I have used them (always with a link back here) on a fansite I run before, I didn't mean to upset anybody.

Anonymous said...

I wouls like to thank you for the pictures you have posted and hope still will. I have alwas used a link but some I have use your picture link to show but from now on just links.

PGP Classic Soaps said...

Katy - It's not about crediting the photographers, it's about paying them. They make money selling the photos that they take. If people use them without paying for them, it's stealing and may lead to them not letting us use their photos anymore.

Links are fine, copying is not. Thanks everyone for your help.

Katy said...

Ok, I understand. I won't put the pictures on my fansite anymore.