Thursday, March 05, 2009


Tyra Colar returns to Guiding Light as Leah Bauer, youngest on-screen member of the venerable Bauer family, on Friday, March 13.

The PGP Classic Soaps Blog has written in the past about the representation of African-American characters on daytime soaps, and it's been interesting to see, over the past year, the growing number of biracial characters.

There's AMC's Natalia, Bonnie and Jade on As The World Turns, DOOL's Lexie, a soon-to-be-back Rachel on OLTL, Marcus on B&B -- am I missing anyone else? (For a more complete list of daytime's interracial characters, past and present, click here.)

But on a soapier note, am I the only one who sees the romantic potential in pairing up Leah Bauer with James Spaulding? Rick's good-girl daughter with Phillip's bad-boy son? Think of the possibilities!


supersage21 said...

Oh, geez. Why couldn't they just leave Leah as a 6 year old???

Oakdalian said...

"Biracial" doesn't come to mind when I think about the actors chosen to play those characters. Do the casting people think we won't know any better?

wheelswee said...

Leah should be playing with Emma, they are supposed to be the same age. This is one of the worst ever SORAS on a soap, besides the fact that it totally screws up so many characters histories, Leah has yet to have any real purpose since she has been aged. She needs to be deSorased ASAp!