Friday, March 27, 2009


Guiding Light's Cooper family and friends enjoy their happiness on the occasion of little Henry's christening.

Yup. That's going to last....


Rebekah said...

Lasting or not, those scenes were adorable and that baby is a cutie.

RakeshR said...

The Cooper's are beginning to get on my freaking nerves.

Kim Zimmer is the star of this show and she should be leading it front and center. Yes, she costs a ton of money. Unfortunately, you have to get rid of characters that are useless. That will result in firing actors and I'll be sorry that those actors got fired but I have this show in my heart. I want what is best for it, not what is worst for it and what is going to kill it.

The following characters are useless to me.
(NO OFFENSE to the actors of these characters.)

Grady(Don't bring him back. Sorry Kane.)

The sets on this show are BEYOND hideous. I've never seen ugly sets like this on any other shows that I watch. PLEASE take my advise and get rid of some useless(see my list) actors/characters(I'm sure the actors will find other jobs) and use the money on decorating the sets. Since some sets are small, why not extend it? Is it so difficult to hire construction workers and get this job done in less than 2 weeks? It's not! All you have to do is put your heart and soul into the show and invest in it. Don't think about what happens if this doesn't work or if the show gets canceled. Focus on what you're doing now and keep it positive.

I want to see fresh new talents on this show with excited stories. Hire someone like LINDSAY HARTLEY to lead the younger group. Hartley is a very talented actress and her fan base is HUGE. It is no secret that she carried "Passions" since the very beginning to the end. Look at 'Days,' the ratings were crap until Galen and Eric came on. Ever since they came on, the ratings went up and it stayed that way. Don't believe me? Go look up the ratings and you'll seen.

Send Reva, Jeffrey and their baby to a nice 3 month vacation. Bring them back with a bang. From there, you will have Zimmer front and center for a few months. I'm not talking about 2 days, by the way. I'm talking about 4-5 days a week.

Does GL have any writers? I'm being serious here. As a writer, I can tell you that your writers suck. All of them. I've heard good things about Jill and she's probably the only one worth keeping, along with a few editors and scrip writers. As for the rest of the HWs, send them packing and use the money for good things.

I'll comment on other stuff another day. I really want nothing but the best for this show. As you can see, I'm very passionate about saving this show.

Anonymous said...

The baby is absolutely adorable. Unfortunately we all know whose baby he really is and what will happen as a result so it's impossible to get attached. We've all known from even before he arrived what was gonna happen here. Ah well, I guess if the fallout breaks up M&M it's worth it.

I'm just sick and tired of the Coopers sitting on their high horses judging the rest of the world. Marina was the only one even willing to give Phillip a chance to prove himself and try to make some good out of this bad situation. I imagine this rift will only get bigger when Cyrus returns to town from his fruitless search for Grady and Marina is the only one not self-righteous and hypocritical enough to want him tarred and feathered for crimes far less than what Mallet's done.

nell said...

I can't stand any of the Coopers, they all are nothing but a bunch of self rightous hypocrites.And I can't wait for them to get whats coming to them! I wish all the Coopers would vanish from Springfield. And since Mallet has become Marina's *itch, he can go too!!

wheelswee said...

Little Henry is an adorable baby. Though could you please get Olivia away from Natalia. Natalia should have been standing by Frank. Frank needs some romance. If Olivia and Natalia can't keep themselves away from each other, find Frank a real woman.

p.s. Keep the Light Shining!