Monday, March 16, 2009


The changing face of the American family: Son, Mom, Adoptive Dad Who Adopted Son So Son's Biological Family Would Stop Trying to Kill Him For His Money, and Biological Dad Who Wanted to Send Son to Gay Reprogramming Camp.

Just your typical, all-American family.

(And this is even before we get into the fact that Adoptive Dad is also Mom's Adoptive Uncle, making Son his own Second Cousin Once Removed.)

Paolo Seganti returns as Damian next week! Only on As The World Turns!


newcrusader2002 said...

Thanks so much for this picture! I love Luke spoiler pics, and this is such a nice family portrait (although I wish Noah was in it, too). Can't wait for Damian's return!

Please post more Nuke stuff if you find any!

nancyd said...

LOL they sure look like a happy group......not! Will Holden and Lily remember they have 3 other kids or will the continue to stay in hiding?

Mark said...

Thanks for the great family photo! Paolo looks great!

I would love a picture of Damian meeting Noah!

2A said...

Thank you for the spoiler pic. I can't wait to see the interactions between Luke and Damian when he returns.

Anton said...

It'd be much better if Byrne was there instead of that impostor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture to bad Luke look not happy.
I can not wait for the pictures you told us your going to post of interactions with Luke & Noah and Damian next weekor even Luke Noah Noah kissing at Metro small picture is posted on Soapnet