Tuesday, March 10, 2009


You know the ruggedly handsome face. You're familiar with the shock of sandy hair and the superhero jaw that looks as if it should've been carved on Mount Rushmore.

That face, that hair, that jaw, after all, have appeared as a guest star on countless TV shows for five decades - everything from
The Mod Squad to Murder, She Wrote to Law & Order.

Converse has also starred in his fair share of made-for-TV movies (Marilyn: The Untold Story, Cruise Into Terror, Uncle Tom's Cabin) while also making the rounds on such daytime soaps as One Life to Live, As the World Turns and a one-episode stint on All My Children.

Still, after such a lengthy career on stage and the small screen Frank Converse remains a "Hey, it's that guy!" kind of guy.

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From 1992 to 1993, Converse played salt-of-the-Earth Ned Simon, Emma Snyder's book publisher (Emma once wrote romance novels under the pen name Amber D'Amour). Working together, Ned and Emma grew closer, and he confessed to her that he was only staying together with his wife for the benefit of their emotionally unstable, institutionalized daughter, Debbie (Sharon Case in between roles on GH and Y&R).

With Debbie seemingly on the road to recovery, Ned ended his marriage, proposed to Emma, and brought Debbie to Oakdale to meet the Snyders.

Debbie met the Snyders. She also met one "Hutch" Hutchison, a stable-boy in the process of weaseling out of a relationship with Hal's niece, Tess (a pre-indie queen Parker Posey) so that he could pursue a newly arrived Rosanna Cabot.

Debbie chased after Hutch, but when he continued to moon over Rosanna, she behaved like any other self-respecting soap heroine and slept with his half brother, Linc Lafferty (alliterations ran deep in that bloodline). When Linc threw Debbie over for old flame Connor, Debbie had a nervous breakdown.

Linc was such a charming fellow that soon enough he was dead -- with a long list of suspects who had good motives to want him that way.

The killer turned out to be Ned, out to avenge Debbie's mental collapse. He revealed the truth in a letter sent to the Oakdale PD after his sudden death from a cerebral hemorrhage. (Which means that good old Ned was perfectly happy to see Connor go to prison for Ned's murder while Ned was alive. Kind of takes the shine of his nice-guy-ness, doesn't it?)

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Oakdalian said...

I remember Ned's confession letter blowing away in the wind. Yes, there was a time when Emma was considered young enough and important enough to have a love interest.