Friday, March 06, 2009


Even with a hurt hand, Henry managed to furiously type:

Yesterday, it was Katie’s egg + Brad’s sperm in a petri dish = Vienna popping out little Bratie or Kad nine months later. Today, it’s forget the dish, forget Katie, how about Brad and Vienna just go at it in the Lakeview Lobby and we’ll see what happens!

I’m sorry, am I the only sane person left in Oakdale? Believe me, this is not a question that I am often prompted to ask, but when everyone between the ages 20 (Hello, Gwen and Will Munson) and retirement (did you know that Susan Stewart was once so desperate to have a baby that she used her daughter, Emily’s, egg to do it? Emily! There is a bastion of mental health and reproducible DNA!) is completely baby ga-ga then yes, yes I am the only sane person left.

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2A said...

Thanks for the picture. I feel bad for Henry getting caught in the middle of this baby mess.

At least there may be some good Katie and Henry scenes to come out of the storyline. Hopefully?