Tuesday, March 03, 2009


From The National Ledger:

It is time for another installment of "As Time Warner Doesn't Turn." When last your heroine (me) had a throwdown with Time Warner she decided, as any good soap opera heroine would, to return to the guy (in this case, guys) who had done her wrong. For a while she was treated fairly. Even got a gift card in the mail. Then last week TW could not help itself and reverted to form. Tragedy struck when the dreaded Mongolian Worm (not a phony soap opera ailment but a real-life virus that kills your computer) paid a visit to my computer. Here is a little tip: If you go online and a pop-up says, “You have a computer virus. Click here to get rid of virus,” don't do it.

Like a tech version of James Stenbeck, do not believe anything that pop-up says. Trust in this culprit and the end is near for your computer. I click the box thinking that instead of James Stenbeck, I have met super soap hero Jack from "As the World Turns." The computer goes kaboom.

Entire sad saga here.

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Annie39 said...

Love the Reva/Jeffrey pairing! This couple has it all......romance, craziness and commitment! Keep them going!!!!