Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Whether you believe that As The World Turns' Paul and Emily are the more fun relationship... or if you think the whole thing is a demented circus, the below photo should satisfy both constituencies!

Find out all about Paul's juggling act, only next week, only on ATWT!


schiffeg68 said...

So Paul can juggle? Give me Paul and Meg so that Paul can be happy again.

anasjo said...

LOL, Paul can juggle!!

IA Schiff. This would be whole lot more fun if he was doing tihs with Meg instead of Emily.

PEGROCKS said...

Id be more interested in watching Paul juggle Meg, his daughter, a new business venture, his mother and a new guy, a new house for he and his family, more family issues.

Paul and Eliza and Meg belong together. Dusty and Emily are not what I want to watch when it comes to Eliza.

Please give me back a stronger, closer Paul and Meg.

I miss them.

Kelly said...

Wow, Paul smiling and having fun, once again around his one true babe Emily :) Thanks for the pic!

Westbrook said...

I love these two together. Please keep Paul & Emily together. The chemistry oozes when these two are together. Also, Paul is so much more alive when he is in scenes with Emily. More Paul and Emily please as this is the only time Paul seems happy. Keep Meg out of Paul's orbit as she only brings him down.

Scarlett Echo said...

The best thing to happen to Roger and Kelley and Paul and Em is having them back together in scenes again.
The best for both of them. They are a treat every time.
More please!