Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Woman's Day, one of America's top-selling magazines with a readership of over 22 million, features an interview with As The World Turns star Colleen Zenk Pinter, detailing her on-going battle with oral cancer.

The cameras were rolling and I was trying to say my lines, but I knew I sounded like I'd had a stroke. For the last 30 years I've been playing Barbara Ryan, a feisty woman who's never at a loss for words, on As the World Turns. But now I couldn't get the words out clearly.

Viewers started writing to the show and flooding fan websites, wondering why I sounded so awful. I knew I owed them an explanation, but I just wasn't ready. I was still digesting the bad news.

Read the entire article, here.


nancyd said...

Lots and lots of good thoughts and prayers for Colleen! May she truly beat it this time! What a terrible ordeal she's been through.

I applaud her candor and her desire to inform the public about this and how it can be prevented. What a wonderful think she's doing and I hope in return her courage and determination help her in her fight.

I think she's got the total support of ATWT fans and we'll always love her and be behind her in her fight. She doesn't have to worry about that. I'm pleased that she feels so much support from the show too.

schiffeg68 said...

I hope she feels better and comes back to ATWT soon. We miss her.