Tuesday, October 12, 2010

By Alina Adams

Even before my first foray to Comic-Con in San Diego this past summer (ATWT wins! Yahoo!), I'd noticed a great deal of cross-over in soap fans and sci-fi fans. The genres do have lots in common, periodically tongue-twisting dialogue being the least of it (a former soap actor once told me the casting directors on the Trek series LOVE ex-soap actors, because they can deliver the technical mumbo-jumbo with straight-faced conviction).

In honor of the overlap, I thought I'd put up two clips where our soaps meet the stars. Today, the focus is on ATWT: Kathryn Hays (Kim) as the empathic (and mute, not a 'Kiddo' to be heard for miles) Gem, and Mary Linda Rapelye (Maggie) as a free spirited space hippie looking for Eden.

Today, the World, tomorrow the Light! Stay tuned!

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