Monday, October 04, 2010


"Maybe its time for you to come home, Dean," Jamie prompted, unsolicited.

"Jenna," he looked up abruptly. "She was my home. Everything else is just an address."

"I get that," Jamie said so sincerely it promoted both Dean and Lorna to look at him anew. "But, maybe Lori Ann could someday play that role for you, as well. Your daughter needs you."

"She's got Frankie and Cass. And Felicia. And apparently you two." As if the implication just hit him, Dean glanced from Lorna to Jamie and repeated, "You two?"

"Lori Ann is not some piece of property you get to wash your hands of, you bastard!" Lorna exploded. "She's Jenna's kid! The least you can do for the woman you supposedly loved is make sure her daughter is taken care of. Lori Ann needs a family, not that freak show at Frankie's! Do you know where they celebrated her first birthday? In prison, Dean! She deserves a stable home. And trust me, Attica ain't it."

"Then what is?" Dean countered just as fervently. "Tell me, Lorna. You seem to have all the answers. If Frankie shouldn't be raising Lori Ann, who should?"


Jamie and Lorna confront Dean, Kevin lets Amanda in on a secret, Alice gives Spencer an answer, and GQ takes a chance.

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