Friday, October 15, 2010



Mindy tried to make sense of what Reva just texted her from Andorra - Jeffrey is alive, involved with Marah, and he's the one who kidnapped Colin in order to smoke Edmund out of hiding.

Marah attempted to defend herself to Mindy, swearing that what she and Jeffrey did was for Reva's own good - they wanted to take Edmund out once and for all. As for their becoming lovers again, that just sort of... happened. (Mindy cynically figured it ran in the family. Marah/Jeffrey/Reva.... Reva/Josh/Billy/HB.... Or maybe it was something in the Springfield water. After all, Beth and Lizzie shared a few men, too. And then there were Phillip and Alan and their women....)

When both Reva and Marah stopped answering Mindy's long-distance calls, she hightailed it over to Jonathan's, demanding to know how he could have kept the truth about Jeffrey from Reva, too?

Jonathan threatened Mindy never to tell Reva about it and she agreed - on one condition. Jonathan stop fighting with Lizzie over how she was raising Sarah. Jonathan grudgingly agreed.

Driving home, Mindy got a call from her lawyer. Hudson's newly discovered biological father, GQ Todd, had decided to sue her and Rick for custody of the baby...

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SoapFan78 said...

Hi. I don't understand how Mel has transformed into this bitter woman. She was never like this on the show.

Mel may have been hurt by Rick's affair but she moved on. So much of her interaction with Rick makes her seem vindictive and nasty. Why would Mel take GQ's case knowing that it would hurt Rick and her own daughter who would have bonded with Hudson as her brother?

We never saw Mel act like this on screen.

SoapFan78 said...


Thank you for keeping the GL universe alive.

Lois said...

I was surprised to see Marah and Jeffrey back. . . but I liked them before, but I like Jeffrey with Reva. . . so, this is a tough one. :)


Myrna said...

I think you are doing a great job keeping GL going, I am really enjoying it, it is next best thing to not having the show.
Thanks a lot