Friday, October 22, 2010


Which ATWT and GL actors can take any script given to them and make it work?

What vital lesson did Elizabeth Hubbard's (Lucinda; ATWT) complaining teach a fledgling writer?

Why should a kiss never be just a kiss?

(And what's wrong with asking too many questions?)

Find out the answers to all of the above - and more! - by listening to Emmy winning scribe Susan Dansby's latest soap-writing webinar at:


Ron Klopfanstein said...

To: Susan Dansby
From: Ron Klopfanstein

I would really to take part in your webinars and any other educational opportunities that could help me develop my writing skills. I found out about this late, but I would really appreciate it if I could email you about it.

My email address is:

I loved "As The World Turns" and from what I heard on the podcast I listen to, as well as some of the soap opera news website I know you were instrumental in the show achieving such quality.

Please let me know if I can participate, or even send you a script for a web series. I would so welcome the opportunity to learn from you.

I wish I could have read your book, but I don't own a Kindle. If it ever comes out in hard cover, trade paperback or even on iTunes I would buy a copy in a heartbeat.

I am so sorry "As The World Turns" was so senselessly canceled. I still feel as if a favorite place I visited everyday just up and vanished taking all of it's residents with it. The loss is still saddens me and I know it must be even worse for you.

But, if you read this, I want to thank you for the great work you did while the show was still in production. I will look to see if you are on Faceboook, I would love to send you the two short essays I wrote as a tribute to a show that meant so much to me.

I have such respect for talent; learning from you would be an honor.

Susan Dansby said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, Ron. You can still sign up for the course and get access to all the materials. Sign up here:

You'll get a whole slew of emails all at once on where to find slides and the audio notes, but everything's still posted.

I'm not accepting any more submission for the prologue scene, but folks started writing Acts 1 & 2 last week; so if you want to jump in the pool, you're welcome.

My book's available in PDF on (as well as in paperback on Amazon).

All the best,