Friday, October 01, 2010



Rick and Mindy got the shock of their lives when Allie Fowler, their son, Hudson's, biological mother dropped a bombshell that could change everything! (Read the entire story at:

This prompted Mindy to think of all the adoptions that had previously gone wrong in Springfield, starting with Rick's aunt Meta and her son, Chuckie (, all the way to Mallet, Marina and Henry. (And that's not even counting Vanessa and Peter, Cassie and Will, and the disturbed - though hot - mess that was Jonathan.)

Mindy turned to Phillip for advice (while feeling deeply disturbed that his and Alan's was probably the best adoptive relationship she could think of! And it was illegal:!

Then, in order to distract herself even further, Mindy stuck her nose back into Reva's business, wondering how the hunt for Colin was going. Mindy debated telling Reva that Mallet and Dinah were only pretending to be helping her and Josh find Colin. In reality, they were leading Reva and Josh in the wrong direction because Edmund had threatened Dinah's foster sister, Dorie (for more on Dorie, Dinah and India go to:

Mindy was about to tell Reva everything when her former stepmother (and aunt) texted to say that a friend of Josh's had gotten them a lead on Edmund... and it led straight to India Von Halkein (Dorie's adoptive mother).

Should Mindy tell Reva they might be walking into Edmund's trap? Go to: and tweet Mindy your advice about what she should do next!

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Lois said...

Just wanted to leave a great big shout of thank for that oh so wonderful and lovely picture of Edmund. *happy sigh* Oh yeah, Dinah's in there too! :) She's wonderful too. :)