Friday, October 01, 2010

By Alina Adams

"You should blog about this," my husband said.

We were watching GLEE (sidenote: Am I the only one totally not rooting for Emma? Last season, she didn't know that Terri was faking her pregnancy and a wack-job, besides. From where Emma was standing, she was going after a married man with a pregnant wife; how is that even vaguely sympathetic? But, I digress.)

On GLEE, Will was waxing poetic about Christopher Cross. He mentioned Sailing, and then Finn made a typically boneheaded (thought admittedly hilarious) reference to Arthur's Theme.

I said to my husband, "You know what else Christopher Cross wrote? Think of Laura. It was his last Top Ten single actually. General Hospital played it when Genie Francis came back to the show the first time in 1984. But, you know, soaps are totally useless for selling stuff...."

"Is this what the rest of my life is going to be like?" my husband wondered. "You being bitter about the decline of soap operas?"

"Yes," I told him.

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