Friday, October 08, 2010



Mindy dealt with crises on two fronts this week.

First, Hudson's biological father, GQ, came to visit the baby, and Mindy ended up putting her foot in her mouth in a spectacularly non-politically correct way. Read the entire scene at:

Then, she finally got up the nerve to text Reva and tell her that Mallet and Dinah were deliberately misdirecting Revan and Josh from finding Colin.

Turned out that Reva already knew that. Her own detective work tracked Edmund down to India's castle in Andorra where Reva got the shock of her life - Jeffrey was still alive!

Not only that, but he was the one who'd kidnapped Colin (with Marah's help)! Jeffrey knew that when Colin went missing, everyone would suspect Edmund and that this would flush the ex-prince out of hiding.

Edmund retaliated by deliberately leading Reva to a still alive Jeffrey and Colin.

Reva texted Mindy that she didn't know what to do or whom to trust anymore! Got advice for Reva? Tweet it to her via Mindy and

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MsDuras said...

REVA - YOU KNOW WHO TO TRUST...YOU KNOW WHO TO BELEIVE IN...he has been in front of you the whole time - Josh LEWIS...DONT blow it AGAIN.....FOR ONCE....treasure and guard the jewel in your hands. Get your baby back....nail jeff to the wall...