Thursday, October 07, 2010


GQ asked Mindy, "Allie said Dr. Bauer has a daughter from another marriage who's also Black. Is that right?"

Mindy nodded. "Her name's Leah." She pointed to a family picture on the mantelpiece. "That's her. Rick has joint custody with his ex-wife, so we see her all the time. Leah is a terrific girl. Super bright. She and Rick have a great relationship."

"How does she feel about being the only brown face in the whole photo?" GQ indicated the posed, smiling Rick, Mindy, Jude, Ed, Billy,Vanessa, Dylan, Daisy, Michelle, Danny, Robbie, Hope, Bill, Lizzie, Sarah and Alana.

"I — " The urge to lie was right there on Mindy's tongue. But then she thought about all the lies there'd already been and changed her mind. She told GQ honestly, "Most of the time, it isn't a problem. And then, once in a while, it is."

"Like what?" he wasn't challenging Mindy exactly, but definitely interested.
"Well, for instance, we didn't know about it at the time, but Leah told us recently that she's periodically asked how she can possibly be a Bauer when — "

"She doesn't match the color scheme?"

"People are thoughtless," Mindy realized that was no excuse. "But, that goes across the board. We have some acquaintances whose daughter has Down's Syndrome — she goes to school with Leah, actually. Meg gets her share of stares and insulting questions, too."

"Being Black isn't an infirmity," GQ countered.


Rachel and Matt offer Allie some harsh food for thought regarding her actions, Kevin holds firm with Amanda, Frankie stuns Felicia, and Lorna takes steps to protect her secret.

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