Monday, October 11, 2010


"Grant won't be joining us?" Donna inquired politely.

"He's on his way," Marley explained. "Jamie's coming back from San Diego today and picking up Kirkland. Grant is seeing his son off."

"Jamie and Grant raising Kirkland together," Donna shook her head. "Victoria would be — "

"Happy to know that her son is loved and well taken care of by both his doting fathers," Marley cut Donna off. "Which is about two more than you chose to give me."

"Oh, come now, darling," Donna ignored the latter swipe to focus on the former. "We both know that, given a choice in the matter, Victoria would have preferred Kirkland stay with Jake. Jamie, she could have tolerated. The idea of Grant would have turned her stomach, same as it does mine."

"Are you seriously going to bash the very man whom you've just so publicly appealed to for protection?"

"I never said Grant Harrison didn't have his uses. Though the ones you've currently chosen to employ him for — "


Marley lays out her terms to Donna, Kevin levels with Lila, GQ makes a decision about Hudson, Dean expresses doubts to Felicia, and Lorna greets her mystery man.

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