Wednesday, October 06, 2010

CATCHING UP WITH…Mark Arnold aka Gavin Wiley/The Edge of Night
By Mariann Aalda

Mark and I ran into each other last year in LA at a commercial audition. We had a great conversation and promised to stay in touch. Edge fans will be glad to hear that he’s doing great… and, as you can see by this recent photo, he’s just as handsome as ever. In his own words, here's what he's been up to....

ast Stop Friendship, an Independent feature I'm starring in, recently received its world premiere at the ARPA International Film Festival.

Two other features, What Would Jesus Do? starring John Schneider
and Reconciliation are also getting ready for release.

“Two upcoming shoots include Lucky's Last Ride, a Western (!) which starts shooting in October and in which I have the lead, and a short called The French Witch of Jamaica, a period piece set in Jamaica in the 1800's. I'm playing a Frenchman…and speak French!”

Thanks for the update, Mark!

And in next week’s episode of Edge of Night Today, we'll find out what Gavin Wiley’s been up to!
So, stay tuned…

Meanwhile, say hello to Mark on his facebook page, and check out Didi's latest, on-going adventure at:

And a big “Thank You” to David Alex Nahmod, who left this message on my facebook page:

The Encore Mystery Channel might be a possible home for Edge of Night Reruns. The channel is part of the Starz/Encore line-up & focuses primarily on movies, but they have shown classic TV series, like Rod Serling's Night Gallery & Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

To see the mystery-oriented Edge of Night on Encore Mystery Channel, short polite letters should be written to:

Encore Mystery Channel, Starz LLC
8900 Liberty Circle
Englewood CO 80112

Let's make it happen!

Thanks, again, David!!! Click here if you’d like to leave a message for David on his facebook page.

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David Alex Nahmod said...

I'm glad that Mariann is reviving interest in Edge--I'm now checking out You Tube clips thanks to her.
Hope we can get it onto Encore Mysteries!