Thursday, April 30, 2009


Actress Mary Linda Rapelye portrayed Maggie Crawford on As The World Turns from 1981 to 1985.

Maggie was Lyla's sister, a lawyer who defended John Dixon against the charge of raping his wife, Dee, while simultaneously sleeping with Dee's lawyer, one Mr. Tom Hughes.

A few months later, Tom hired a new assistant, John's daughter, Margo. That was the beginning of the end for Maggie and Tom. Aunt was not particularly pleased with niece for a good, long while after that.

Maggie developed some sympathy for Margo, though, after Maggie met and had a whirlwind affair with cop Frank Andropoulos (Steve's brother, Betsy's uncle). Frank told her he was involved with another woman, but would ditch her for Maggie. That woman turned out to be Lyla. Maggie nobly broke things off with Frank.

Deciding that love was off the table for now, Maggie pursued parenthood. First, she visited a local sperm bank. But then, in one of those twists life is so famous for, Maggie found an abandoned baby girl in the bushes and made plans to adopt little Jill.

Unfortunately, Jill's no-good daddy, Cal, got out of prison in time to get custody of his baby. Soapily, the ex-con had a change of heart and returned Jill to Maggie on Christmas Eve, just after her long-time-coming wedding to Frank.

Finally happy with husband and child, Maggie realized that the only way to hold on to that happiness would be to leave Oakdale (okay, she didn't actually realize that; but everyone knows it's the only way). The new family headed off for California, where they're remained ever since.

However, before she was Maggie, Mary Linda Rapelye, played Irina, an ex-girlfriend of Star Trek's Pavel Chekov on an episode fans like to call The Space Hippies (its actual title is The Way To Eden).

Ms. Rapelye is currently appearing in The Rivalry, a play that was written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, at the Dever Auditorium, Westfield State College. More details here.

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