Friday, April 24, 2009


Meg Ryan (ex-Betsy; ATWT) wasn't sure if she wanted to be an actress. Having suffered from numerous attacks of stage fright as a child, she actually went to college to study journalism and thought she would be a writer instead. It wasn't until she landed a role on As The World Turns that Ryan discovered her passion.

Read her story in Ken Robinson's book, The Element, here. According to Robinson, the element is the point where activities individuals enjoy and are naturally good at come together, landing them in the much coveted "zone." Using Ryan, along with a host of other wildly successful people as examples, he emphasizes the importance of nurturing talent along with developing an understanding of how talent expresses itself differently in every individual.

Ryan's story should be particularly fascinating to soap fans, as she offers a personal glimpse into a daytime actor's process, and how that process awakened her passion for acting. (One of the best parts of being on a soap, she reveals, is no audience, and thus no stage to be frightened of!)

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RakeshR said...

Speaking of "Passions," why not try and get Lindsay Hartley on 'GL?' The dying soap would do good with the younger demographics. As you can see on 'DAYS,' it's working for that soap ever since they hired two of the leading men from the defunct soap. Lindsay's fan base is really huge and there is no doubt in my mind that she won't lead 'GL' to victory road.

On today's show, I really enjoyed the scenes with Bill and Lizzie in Orlando, Florida. Now that's good location shooting, not that hideous park in Peapack, NJ. For the summer, 'GL' can truly shine like an awesome soap opera. Ellen's production model is a keeper but you guys need BETTER SETS, BETTER WRITERS, and the outdoor scenes in NJ need some serious makeover. Do not ever film scenes in a blank area with cast members alone. Try decorating it somehow to make it look more realistic. The production model is all about realism and that's how the scenes should be. I can't wait to see the other scenes in Florida next.

Enjoy your weekend.