Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Between Carly's body language...

And Jack's...

Parker has really given his folks a lot to bite their nails over.

Craig, naturally, is deeply, deeply concerned.

See the fractured family in action, only on As The World Turns!


nancyd said...

Thanks so much for some CarJack pics! At least in the 2nd one they look like they're having fun even if Jack is biting his nails lol. Both Carly and Parker are smiling! That's rare these days! I hope we see lots more of that and the 3 of them together. Maura, Michael and Mick are what makes this story for me!

I could do without the flashback to Craig with the permanent smirk on his face lol!

Katie said...

This Jacket/C&C/Parkety storyline has kept me glued to ATWT. Kudos to show.

Scarlett Echo said...

Love the Craig pic. Lucky bed. LOL

Jon's looking hotter than ever and his portrayal of Craig has never missed a beat.

The best thing to happen to ATWT in eons was giving us such great writing for Craig and hiring Jon to deliver.

Thanks for the pics. I look forward to more.