Friday, April 24, 2009


On the November 18, 1991 episode of Another World, angsty teen Jenna is well, angsting about the fact that boyfriend Dean is off to New York to live a glamorous, rock and roll lifestyle, while she's stuck going to lectures at Bay City University. (Her choice, btw, Dean wanted her to come along, she's the one who decided to be all mature and responsible and say no.)

As Jenna sits on a bench, pondering cruel twists of fate and other such collegiate topics, who should sit down next to her but The Big Man on Campus. He asks to borrow her notes, casually mentions that he's the star of the football team, and asks if he might see her at the Homecoming Dance later that week.

"Maybe," Jenna answers coyly, temporarily shaken from her Dean-induced funk.

Big Man takes off to tackle some practice dummies, while Jenna's adoptive mom, Felicia, notes that he's kind of cute. And that he wanted a lot more from Jenna than just her notes, hint, hint.

What makes the exchange particularly fun for P&G Classic Soaps fans, is that the jock with an agenda is played by none other than David Andrew Macdonald.

In 1998, Macdonald would show up on Another World as Jordan Stark/David Halliday, the 200 year old (he obviously uses an excellent moisturizer) owner of the Lumina Corporation. After AW's demise, he went on to play Prince Edmund of San Cristobel on Guiding Light later that year.

To watch Macdonald Before He Was Royalty (or Methusula old), click here.

Also worth noting in this episode is a guest appearance by Gerald Anthony.

The late actor first charmed daytime viewers with his duel roles as pimp Marco Dane and Dr. Mario Corelli on OLTL in 1978. He later brought Marco to GH in 1992 and, in 2003, played Ritchie on As The World Turns. In between, however, he did a stint as Rick Madison on AW, a less than upstanding citizen whom Lucas engages to track down Jenna's biological father -- a decision all of them will come to regret.

In the early 1980s, Mr. Anthony was married to Brynn Thayer, best known as Jenny on OLTL and Leanne on Matlock.

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