Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Zuzanna Szadkowski plays Sister Angelica, the Bosnian nun who shocks Dinah on Thursday April 23 and Friday April 24.

As the actress' name suggests, she was born in Warsaw, Poland (almost next door to Bosnia... more or less), but grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

She was a High School National Poetry Reading Champion, and went on to earn an MFA in acting from The A.R.T. Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University

Szadkowski is best known for her portrayal of Dorota, Blair’s maid, on Gossip Girl. On April 20, Gossip Girl fans will be able to tune into Chasing Dorota, an original web-series from the show's creators, featuring the GL guest-star.

“She’s got a backstory and it’s juicy,” says Gossip Girl co-executive producer Joshua Safran. “Blair isn’t the only person in the Waldorf household with secrets!” (More here)

So, I guess what he's saying is... the girl is no nun!


wheelswee said...

Can't wait to see this! I love Shayne and Dinah!

Wiktoria said...

firstly Poland is not next door to Bosnia!!! Poland is in central europe and bosnia is in west! I think s.o. should look at the map!!
and just is it possible that she plays bosnian nun while Bosnia is mostly muslim...