Monday, April 06, 2009


Want to chat with your favorite soap stars, but haven't got the time, money, or desire to stand in line at the official Fan Club Luncheons and other events?

Fear not! We live in the 21st Century, where many a celebrity is just a keyboard click away!

Did you know that several actors on As The World Turns and Guiding Light have Facebook pages?

Check them out below!

Grayson McCouch
(Dusty; ATWT)
Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara; ATWT)
Van Hansis (Luke; ATWT)
Billy Magnussen (Casey; ATWT)
Jake Silbermann (Noah; ATWT)
Terri Colombino (Katie; ATWT)
Meredith Hagner (Liberty; ATWT)
Marcy Rylan (Lizzie; GL)

Meanwhile, over on we've got Kim Zimmer (Reva; GL), and Cady McClain (Rosanna; ATWT) and Agim Kaba (Aaron; ATWT) on to name just a few!

Keep surfing the web -- you never know who you might bump into!


Marcella said...

I'm curious if you got permission from the actors to post these links to private facebook pages. This seems like a gross invasion of their privacy, if not.

Richard said...

I agree. Of course some fans will poke around and discover that the actors are on Facebook and hound them with messages--but isn't getting buried in fan mail enough? Can't they have one place on the internet where they can just be themselves?

I can't imagine that the higher-ups really want people checking out the actors' Facebook pages anyway. Who knows what they might find out!?

RakeshR said...

Richard and Marcella, with all do respect, I find it hilarious that both of you think P&G's blog entry is invading these actor's privacy. If they wanted a private life, they shouldn't be on these social sites(Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc). Also, they can ignore fans if they want to. ;)

schiffeg68 said...

Privacy? There is no privacy on the web. And if actors needed their privacy, they wouldn't be creating Facebook pages with their real names. LOL

CarrieX said...

I wouldn't want my social ntwrking accounts published. The fans that are creepy with their stalking and obsessed with their personal lives prolly already know about them anyways.

Anton said...

Those pages show up if you search for them on facebook anyway.

Jezzikah said...

Actually, Grayson is really cool about facebook. Me and him are friends.

Brandi said...

I can't believe you posted some of these actors facebook pages on here. I know for a fact that more than half of that list don't add fans. And that Marcy Rylan page is a fan page that my friend created! I made one for Mandy Bruno. I think the only one from that list that adds fans is Grayson. And 2 actresses from GL that I happen to know, both told me that the GL cast got spoken to about havin fans on their personal pages, and that all fans should be removed from them,... and it was a few weeks before this blog was posted.