Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Until very recently, the troubles about to beset the Hughes and Snyders of Midwest soap opera mecca Oakdale were largely confined to the indoors. TeleNext Media in New York City, longtime production company for the daytime drama “As the World Turns,” limited exterior work to once or twice a year because of logistics and expense.

However, last year TeleNext Media purchased three Panasonic AG-HVX200 P2 HD handheld camcorders, which now make it easier and more affordable for producers to expand the time it spends shooting outside the studio.

A typical workday may now encompass up to five locations, with two camera operators shooting throughout the New York metropolitan area, said Kelsey Hunt, TeleNext Media digital producer. The hills and dales of Staten Island, Long Island and New Jersey stand in for Oakdale’s suburban environs, while Brooklyn is a credible substitute for Chicago, the big city closest to the fictional Oakdale.

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RakeshR said...

I applaud you guys for trying more outdoor scenes. That's what I like about the Bold & the Beautiful these days. Nice outdoor scenes and sets. As you can see, B&B's writing is not the best but with the outdoor scenes and the "rich" sets, B&B as a soap shines like a superstar. The outdoor scenes on GL are truly ugly. Why on earth would you choose those locations to shoot? I really hope you guys(P&G) are learning from your mistakes - You know, how you and GL's 50,000 HW's ruined the show. I don't watch ATWT but you might want to try and save it. Do something good for once in your life. Again, the writers sucks. Even ATWT fans are all sadden by the direction the show has taken. The ratings are clearly showing it too. I wouldn't be surprised if CBS told you to take ATWT and GL and get the "F" out. Anyhow, let me leave by saying the GL petition to find a new home for the show has OVER 11,000 signatures. I was actually thinking Telnext Media should cut both of their soaps to 30 mins and air them prime time on cable. A 6 or 7PM time slot would do good. Air them right after each other. If you're going to air them during daytime, forget it. You might as well jump off a building because they will not live to see one season on the new network. Airing them prime time will benefit everyone. In these tough economic times, the American people are all out looking for jobs. No one has time to stay home and watch soaps. Soaps' days on daytime television are over. Cable and prime time is the new way to go. I really hope GL and other canceled soaps will find life on other networks. Lifetime or WE should really consider picking them up. I'll say it again, don't put either of your soaps on SOAPnet. They will die before they can say we've found a new home.