Monday, May 21, 2012


Got kids? Got a job? Got a life? Also got a burning need to write a novel?

Yeah. Me, too.

Got a problem? Yeah. Me, too.

In the two years prior to the birth of my oldest child, I’d published three romance novels, dozens of magazine articles, and a non-fiction book on figure skating, while working a full-time job. In the four years following the birth of my oldest child, I published one romance novel, one non-fiction book on figure skater Sarah Hughes, two soap opera tie-ins, and four mystery novels. By the time the third child came along, seven years after the first, I was down to one soap opera tie-in and one final, murder mystery.  And it was certainly no mystery to anyone why my output had dropped so precipitously.

It took a lot of trial and error (and crying over spilled breast-milk on a computer key-board) before I even began to figure out how to balance the mothering with the mystery, the toddler with the typing, and the wailing with the writing.

However, three kids in, I can honestly say that I’ve managed to work out a few “Working Mom Tricks For Writing a Novel in Your Free (!) Time,” which I am eager to share with those interested in forgoing trivial matters like eating, sleeping, and the facade of sanity all in order to indulge that elusive muse and squeeze a satisfying writing side-dish on to an already overflowing platter.

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