Monday, May 21, 2012


“Donna thinks this is supposed to make up for her killing Jenna?” Felicia stared, dumb-struck, at the documents Frankie and Cass had shown her. “And John judged her well enough to leave Clareview? The woman is certifiable, you don’t need a medical license to see it!”

“Donna’s motives are irrelevant,” Cass noted.

“Blood money. That’s what this is. She’s given Lori Ann blood money.”

“She’s given Lori Ann enough money to make sure that whatever health challenges she has down the line, she will always be well taken care of.”

“We all would have seen to that, in any case.”

“That’s exactly what I said,” Frankie piped up.

“And besides, Lori Ann is fine.”

At this, Frankie didn’t side nearly as quickly with her daughter’s grandmother. Frankie and Cass exchanged looks. They hadn’t meant for the conversation to take this turn, but, since Felicia had brought up the subject….


Felicia weighs in on Donna's gift to Lori Ann, as does Marley, while Jeanne confronts her erstwhile husband.  Rachel forces Elizabeth to apologize to Jamie and Lorna, which only opens more old wounds, and Jen makes a confession to Steven.

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