Monday, May 07, 2012


“Is Matt going to be okay, Grandma?” Steven, with Cory hovering nervously beside him, greeted Rachel as she came home, obviously wiped, both emotionally and physically.

She smiled weakly at them both, kissing first Steven, then Cory as she reported, “Fine. Matt is going to be just fine.”

“That’s good,” Cory said.

“Yes, wonderful news. We were very fortunate.” Rachel smiled at Steven. “Good to see you, darling. It’s been such a long time. What brings you by?”

Her grandson and her son exchanged looks. Steven said, “Cor wanted me to take a look at his computer, check some stuff out.”

“Everything alright?” Rachel asked distantly, really just going through the motions at this point.

Another nervous look between Steven and Kirkland, this time a little too fraught for even Rachel to miss.

“What’s going on, boys?” she wanted to know.


Rachel grapples with Donna, Alice, Steven and Cory, all in the space of a single afternoon (Rachel is not having a good day).  Kirkland confesses a fear to Jamie, Kevin and GQ butt heads over Jen's treatment, and Charlie manages to offend Zeno while asking for a favor.

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