Monday, May 14, 2012


“Is it safe to approach,” Felicia wondered, having arrived at the playground with Lori Ann to discover that the only free swing available happened to be next to Devon… and Lorna. “Or are you going to accuse me of planning something nefarious?”

Lorna turned her head slowly, as if she’d managed to drift a million miles away while rhythmically pushing her daughter back and forth, taking a moment to register who was speaking to her and what Felicia had said.

Lorna shrugged and took a step to the side, making it easier for Felicia to plop Lori Ann in the swing beside Devon. Lorna smiled at Lori Ann, and told her own baby, “Look who’s here, Devon. It’s your cousin.”

“And your grandmother,” Felicia reminded archly. She stretched a perfectly manicured hand forward and grasped Devon’s chubby palm. “How do you do, Miss Frame? I’m Felicia Gallant. Don’t worry if you don’t remember me. It’s been far too long.”

Lorna rolled her eyes. “You’ve made your point.”

“She speaks!” Felicia observed dramatically. “To what do I owe the honor?”

For a moment, Lorna looked as if she actually might answer, but then she merely shook her head and turned away, mumbling, “Forget about it.”


For Mother's Day, Felicia sees a chance to help Lorna, while Rachel desperately tries to get through to Elizabeth - despite Carl's interference.  Marley puts Sarah on the spot, Donna explains herself to Matt, Lucas questions Alice, and Cass and Frankie ponder turning their lives upside down.

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