Thursday, May 17, 2012


"I’m sorry,” Elizabeth snarled, making it clear the only regret she was currently feeling was towards being compelled to issue the apology in the first place.

“That’s it?” Amanda didn’t know whether to laugh or get indignant. “You tried to ruin my husband’s reputation and his livelihood, not to mention get him sent to prison for quite possibly the rest of his life, and you’re sorry?”

“I’m actually not,” Elizabeth clarified for those who hadn’t been paying ample attention.

“You’re hiding it beautifully.”

“Elizabeth!” Frankly, Rachel was frustrated by both of them, but Elizabeth was still ahead on that score. “Are you honestly telling me that – “

“I’m not you, Mom. I don’t feel obliged to apologize for looking out for my family – “

“That’s some piece of work you’ve got there, Mom,” Amanda observed.

“ – Or for not being the sainted Mac Cory’s daughter, either.”


Rachel gets an earful from both her daughters - and confronts her son about his new wife, while Dean gives Jeanne everything she - supposedly - ever wanted, Lila fully realizes what she's done, Sarah schools Allie, and Steven volunteers to take a potential risk.

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