Thursday, May 31, 2012


Elizabeth lamented, “Lorna made it sound like it was your idea for me to go after Kevin.”

“Did you inform her that was most definitely not the case?” Carl’s face darkened.

“Of course, I did. Not that she listened. She just turned around and started in with this lame nonsense about how you don’t have to say what you want out loud. How we’re all supposed to just figure it out and run off to try and make you happy no matter what.”

“And who is this we that Lorna might have been referring to?”

“Me. And her. She said she loved you, Father. Well, I mean, a long time ago. But, she still said it, plain as day. And then, right after she said it, she tried to make me believe that we – her and I, I mean – were the same. She told me that if you thought I’d betrayed you, you’d turn on me same way you did on her. But, that’s ridiculous. For one thing because I’m your daughter, not some piece of trash you picked up on the street. And for another, I’d never, ever betray you like she did.”

“Except that you did betray me, Elizabeth,” Carl said slowly.


Carl both unsettles and reassures his daughter, while Felicia makes a startling request of Rachel.  Amanda's heckling of Grant fails to produce the results she was looking for, Allie doesn't hold back with Zeno, Steven makes a surprise confession to Jamie, and Lila questions her loyalties.

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