Thursday, May 24, 2012


"What do you think Lorna wants to talk to Elizabeth about?” Rachel paced outside the door of the study like an expectant father, while Jamie sat off to the side, a newly awake and cooing Devon on this lap.

“No idea.”

Rachel turned, pausing to smile with pleasure at the sight of her son and granddaughter, before asking, “Do you know what this all reminds me of?”

“Iris and Mac?” Jamie guessed, startling his mother with the accuracy of his deduction.

“How did you know?”

“It’s kind of obvious. You’ve been down this road before.”

Rachel said, “Do you know what Mac couldn’t stop asking after he found out that Iris was the one responsible for the hostile takeover of Cory, not to mention his being sent to jail? He asked me, “What kind of monster have I raised?” Can you imagine? I would have done anything to spare him that kind of pain. I even considered keeping what I knew about Iris to myself. For Mac’s sake. For the rest of my life, I’m going to wonder if learning the truth was one of the factors that hastened his death.”

“No, Mom,” Jamie said firmly. “Mac died of a heart-attack. That’s a medical fact.”

“As opposed to heartbreak?”


Rachel shrugged, indicating the details weren’t important. Not those details, anyway. “At least Iris was operating from love. Her twisted and warped version of it, but, love, just the same. She wanted to prove to Mac how much he needed her in his life. What Elizabeth did… What kind of monster have I raised, Jamie?”


Rachel frets about Elizabeth as Lorna offers her young sister-in-law a warning, and Carl attempts to school Cory on the realities of life.  Grant questions the wisdom of Marley seeing him with Sarah, while Matt questions Donna's newly penniless future.

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