Monday, May 07, 2012


If there is one thing I've learned from watching soaps, and from writing soap books and romance novels, it's that there is absolutely a perfect man out there for you. 

It's only a matter of finding him, meeting him cute, snarking a little, getting through a few years of near misses and misunderstandings, overlooking his previously unmentioned dead wife (who isn't really dead), illegitimate child (who might not be his), and evil twin (who, or rare occasions, actually turns out to be preferable to the original), plus a picturesque adventure or two fighting the local mob boss, and then it's splashy wedding and smooth sailing!

But where, I can hear you asking, do I find this perfect man, and how can I insure that we'll live happily ever after?

The answer, I am happy to report, is in this guest blog I've written for romance and urban fantasy writer, Nadia Lee.

Click on the link, read, and leave a comment.  Who knows, your entire romantic future may depend on it!

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