Monday, May 28, 2012


Rachel informed Donna, "I’m talking about you, and what you did to my husband, and the daughter he never even got the chance to know.”

“And here I felt certain Carl and Jenna had plenty of time to get acquainted when he kidnapped her years ago. During Dean’s concert, remember?”

“Ancient history. And irrelevant.”

“Is that a fact? You do realize, Rachel, that had the truth about Jenna’s parentage come out then, there wouldn’t have been a person in town who would have blamed me for doing anything I had to, to protect Jenna from having a monster like that for a father.”

This time, Rachel’s silence came from a different place.

And Donna leapt on it unhesitatingly. “I didn’t keep Jenna from the Carl Hutchins you married. I kept her from the man who tried to destroy Mac, the one who stalked Amanda and nearly killed Frankie. The one who blinded you!”

“Maybe forty years ago, I’ll grant you that. But, when you had Jenna, Dean, and Felicia kidnapped, you knew Carl had changed.”

“No. All I knew was that you believed that to be the case.”


Rachel and Donna draw lines in the sand over their respective husbands, the Winthrops ponder the implications of their new lifestyle, Elizabeth deals with Cory, Steven locates Jen's biological father, Lorna and Jamie receive a priceless gift, and Kevin levels a horrifying accusation against Amanda!

Even a holiday weekend can't stop Another World Today:

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