Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This year, the Daytime Emmy Awards are scheduled to take place on my oldest son's birthday.

Thirteen years ago, I brought him home from the hospital on the day Another World aired it's last episode.  (I didn't see it for literally years, afterwards.  Though we did end up hiring a baby-sitter who was an AW fan.  When she learned what I did for a living, she asked me, "When is the show coming back?  I've been waiting.")

I worked the Daytime Emmys that year while in my third trimester (Beth Ehlers/Harley;GL had her son the night of the show, which is why I always remember that her little boy is a month older than mine).  I was sitting at Radio City Music Hall (or maybe it was the Theater at Madison Square Garden; honestly, they do blur after a while), talking to one of the show's writers, when the director, Louis J. Horovitz, walked up, plopped himself in the seat between us, elbowed me in the stomach (which, admittedly, was hard to miss at that point, but it's not like he tried) and told me, "Move!"

There are people who worked that show with me who still remember it!

Passions was cancelled while I was in the hospital having my daughter.  Having been out of touch for several days, I asked my husband, "Anything interesting happen in the world while I was gone?"

"Nope," he assured me.

When I learned the news about Passions, I had to give him a lecture on why a soap's cancellation - any soap's - was very big news, indeed.

Two years ago, As the World Turns filmed their last episode also on my son's birthday.  Prompting a friend to ask me, "Is the entire soap world connected to your uterus?"

As soon as I find out, I'll let you know.

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