Thursday, May 03, 2012


“I’m Matthew’s wife,” Donna coolly informed Rachel, attempting to turn her back on Matt’s mother and make the call that would free him from this veterinary hospital (her former position on the board be damned) and enlist a trained cardiologist to take over.

“Give it a rest, Donna.” Rachel reminded, “You’ve tried this bluff once before.”

“It wasn’t a bluff then, it isn’t a bluff now.” Donna held up a single finger, bidding Rachel to keep quiet while Donna left her message for the Chief of Medicine at Johns Hopkins. Hanging up, she turned back to the older woman, reaching for her purse, fishing about inside, and withdrawing a sheet of paper folded into thirds and embossed with the Bay City official seal. “The only difference is, this time, I thought ahead to bring a visual aid for my presentation.”

Rachel opened it gingerly, afraid of what she would find, yet already half-resolved to its veracity. “You and Matt… got married?”

“Re-married,” Donna qualified. “This summer. See the date, there?”


Donna continues to shock Rachel, Lila finds herself in the middle of two uncomfortable situations, Allie gets a surprise invitation, Kirkland and Michele reach out to different adults in an attempt to make sense of their family tree, Grant rationalizes as fast as he can, and Cory leads Steven to a disturbing discovery.

Everything is blown wide open at:

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