Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Rick and Mel's little girl continues to grow by leaps and bounds!

Tyra Colar takes over the role of Guiding Light's Leah Bauer on Monday, December 1. The actress previously had a small part as Jen on GL in 2007, and as Lenore on OLTL.

Watch her on the show, then befriend her on Facebook! (Wonder what great-grandma Bert would have thought of all this new technology...)


supersage21 said...

Okay, if I do my math correctly, Leah was going to school with Lizzie and Jude doesn't exist (because that just disrupts the timeline of James, Jude, Zach AND Harley). Give it up.

dana said...

Why? With Phillip coming back you had the chance to correct the error of aging her too much and actually have her and Emma grow up together. From what I have read on most of the boards a lot of fans do not like the super aging of this character. So when she was left off screen I was hoping it was going to be corrected.

I do not know whether to be sad or mad. Like Supersage21 I give up

Anonymous said...

Seriously, they should have made Leah five or six, closer to what she should be, not SORASing her even further. This really ruins storyline continuity and credibility to a ridiculous degree. I guess it's a good thing that there aren't any actual storylines anymore then. Yet another truly pathetic move.

The only thing I don't get is how this pitiful sham of a show was able to hoodwink Grant Aleksander into coming back to this mess.

Oakdalian said...

So this is what the casting directors came up with, based on who Leah's parents are? She looks like the product of Hamp & Gilly. P&G should have learned from its first two failed experiments in biracial characters with the Bonnies on ATWT.

hotwheels said...

Why was Leah ever aged in the first place? This character has never been given a storyline and just royally disrupts the history of the show! I also read people on alot of boards have always been dissatisfied with this. Leah should be as old as Emma! In fact a couple weeks ago when Remy said he was babysitting his niece, I honestly thought they were going to fix the situation, but, no such luck!

dana said...

I just have to add while I am upset over the super aging of Leah (from the picture she and Mel look like sisters) I hope the actress does well with the part because none of this is her fault.