Tuesday, September 09, 2008


In the episodes of Texas currently running on the AOL/PGP Classic Soaps Channel, Elliot (Daniel Davis) is slowly but surely finding himself falling in love with Paige (Lisby Larson) -- his son Dennis' ex-wife. (Technically, Dennis isn't Elliot's son. Mom Iris told a little fib. But considering that Elliot raised Dennis his entire life -- even when Mom Iris wasn't around -- Dennis is Elliot's son. Moving on.)

It's a triangle that Guiding Light tackled when Reva married HB Lewis, even though she still pined for his son, Josh. Reva ended up falling in love with her husband and even conceiving a child with him (she miscarried after a high Vanessa hit Reva with he car), but never to the point of forgetting Josh.

Similarly, GL's Frank had feelings for Oliva even though she'd shared a night of passion with his dad, Buzz.

But, in both cases, it wasn't a sincere case of a father unable to resist his feelings for a woman his son had once loved and moved on from. With Reva, HB knew she still loved Josh, while Buzz actually shared a connection with Olivia before Frank did.

Alan marrying and falling for Beth after she and Phillip had shared a lifelong, star-crossed romance and two children was closer to the Elliot/Paige/Dennis situation, except, in that case, it was initially merely a ploy to bring Phillip out of hiding. (Besides, Alan and Phillip had already shared Blake, India and Olivia. It was kind of a father and son bonding thing with them. Not to mention proof that, just like with Elliot and Dennis, taste in women is obviously a case of nurture, not nature.)

On OLTL, Becky Lee slept with Bo and discovered she was pregnant just as Bo reconciled with his wife, Delilah. Bo's pa, Asa, married Becky Lee so he could keep control of his grandson, Drew, but the couple ended up falling in love and, for a while, were actually very happy together. But then Asa screwed it up. Which he usually does.

B&B's Brooke married Eric in between her back and forth love affairs with his son, Ridge. Then again, Brooke also married two of Ridge's brothers and had an affair with her own son-in-law, so we have to assume she just isn't aware that one can date outside a single gene pool.

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And, in the meantime, check out Texas on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel, here!

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