Friday, September 26, 2008


If nothing else, John Hanlon got to Yankee Stadium in style.

Hanlon was born in Chicago but moved to Tenafly, N.J., as a youngster after the death of his father. His mother, Virginia Maddocks, was a Broadway actress and friends with actor Santos Ortega, best known as Grandpa on “As the World Turns.”

Several times, Hanlon and Ortega’s son, Stephen, piled into Ortega’s Rolls Royce and headed off to the Bronx.

“When you’re 10 years old, do you know how incredibly cool it was to be taken across the George Washington Bridge to the greatest city in the world to the cathedral of baseball? I can still see the Rolls Royce, and off we’d go,” recalls Hanlon, 51, an attorney for the state appellate defender’s capital trial assistance unit in Springfield.

Days at Yankee Stadium meant watching boyhood idol Mickey Mantle — and some bad baseball, says Hanlon, as the Yankees had plummeted in the standings in the late ’60s.

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