Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Tom Wiggin comes to Guiding Light as hot shot corporate mogul Mr. Decker beginning Monday, September 15.

Daytime fans will recognize Tom from his portrayal of Kirk Anderson on As The World Turns from 1988 to 1998. While in Oakdale, the Walsh Enterprises exec dated Lily's biological mom, Iva -- and her adoptive mom, Lucinda, married Lily's aunt Ellie and then her aunt Samantha and was godfather to Lily's half brother, Matthew John Dixon. Before coming to town, Kirk had abandoned his wife, Leonore, the daughter of Lily's biological grandfather, Jared Carpenter.

Kirk had two children with Leonore, Linda Ann and Stephen. For a few days in 1995, Stephen was played by a young actor named James Van Der Beek, who, three years later, would go on to play the titular role in Dawson's Creek.

But before he was a Wall Street barracuda on As The World Turns, Wiggin played Kirk's polar opposite, sweet cowboy Joe Foster on Texas in 1981, and Gil Fenton on Another World in 1983. (Both shows are currently available on the AOL/PGP Classic Soaps Channel.)

Wiggin has worked as a scriptwriter for Another World and As The World Turns and, in 1999, appeared as Sam Kershaw on Guiding Light.


supersage21 said...

I remember him on GL before. I loved him on ATWT! Wish he would stick around GL (if written well).

elvara said...

We all know that he won't be written well. He will be another wasted talented actor.

Besides everything is Jeffrey and Grady now. They are GL saviors.

nells36 said...

Tuned in to GL yesterday to see Kirk, er Tom Wiggin, being a tycoon! WOW! I am so happy!