Monday, September 15, 2008


As The World Turns' grandest diva of them all, Miss Eileen Fulton, celebrated a birthday on Saturday, September 13.

She has played the role of Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McCall Mitchell Chedwyn Grimaldi on and off since May of 1960, including, during the summer of 1965, on Our Private World, the first-ever prime-time spin-off from a daytime soap opera.

With all of those last names, it's no wonder that Helen Wagner, who plays Lisa's onetime mother-in-law and recently celebrated a milestone of her own, once observed about the character, "The trouble with Lisa was that she as always interested in life, and the more that was going on the better as far as she was concerned. If things slowed down to a walk, she got restless, and then she'd go out and stir up some excitement."

In addition to her run as Lisa, Ms. Fulton has also recorded albums, written autobiographies and novels, and performed in numerous cabarets.

Enjoy our retrospective of the actress and her multiple talents, below!

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