Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Back in 1979, ATWT's Helen Wagner (Nancy) and Don MacLaughlin (Chris) were asked why they thought it was that Chris and Nancy's marriage was the only working one in all of television.

Mr. MacLaughlin replied that "I suppose we're fairly unique that way. It's a good point for a soap opera to make -- that two people can be happily married. I spoke the other day with someone who is working on both our show and on Edge of Night and he said he felt that Edge of Night is built on hate because they're always out to get each other. He felt that ATWT was different because instead of animosity, it is based on love."

Ms. Wagner added, "He said that originally he had thought it was all romantic love, but over time he realized it was much more. It was caring for people, caring for friends, the kind of caring that shows in the way Nancy loves Chris. She loves him in every way it's possible to care for a person."

"It's a good object lesson for the public," Mr. MacLaughlin agreed. "To see a marriage that can weather the sorts of vicissitudes we have had to. It may be kind of corny, but I think it's a good symbol of what American life can be. We show the things that have to go into keeping a family together -- the love, compassion, tolerance and understanding."

Nearly thirty years later, it appears that Chris and Nancy's grandson Tom and his wife, Margo, have taken up the torch of ATWT's long-running marriage.

Wouldn't Grandpa have been proud!

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