Tuesday, September 30, 2008


As highlighted in the latest issue of CBS Soaps in Depth, today is the official publication date for the mass market, paperback edition of Jonathan's Story by Julia London and Alina Adams.

Featuring all of the material available in the New York Times' best-selling hard cover edition, the $7.99 reprint also boasts an exclusive, all new chapter updating Guiding Light fans on what everyone's favorite bad boy -- and his adorable little girl -- are up to now.

Jonathan's Story is available through Amazon, BN.com and at bookstores everywhere! (Watch for the special GL displays at participating Barnes & Noble stores October 1 - November 3 and at Waldenbooks September 30 - October 27!)


elvara said...

This is so pathetic!

Anonymous said...

ICAM elvara! It's beyond pathetic at this point. Jonathan is gone and Pelphrey's ain't coming back for anything more than a scattered cameo here and there. Just let it go already. If GL spent half the attention they pay to Jonathan to the characters still actually on the show, it might be watchable.