Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Ten years after Beverly Hills 90210 went off the air, 90210 (no city name this time; they figure if you don't know where the zip code is by now, you never will) premiers on the CW Network.

Along with the returning and now all grown up Brenda and Kelly, the show features actress Lori Loughlin as the token, wholesome mom, Debbie Wilson.

Though she first came to the attention of primetime viewers as the girl who married another ex-daytime star, John Stamos, on the sitcom Full House, Loughlin made her TV debut in 1980 as Jody Travis on The Edge of Night.

The teenage, dark-haired Jody was promptly paired up with the blond, mop-topped Kelly (Allen Fawcett) as EON attempted to emulate that summer's huge movie hit, The Blue Lagoon, as well as a certain other curly-haired soap sensation from their own network.

Can't wait to tune into 90210 tonight? Get the party started by checking out Lori Loughlin on the AOL/PGP Classic Soap Channel, first!

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Mo said...

I never cared for the Jody/Kelly pairing. I always wanted Jody/Gavin to be together.
I saw Lori Laughlin on 90210 last night and thought she looked amazing - hard to believe it's been almost thirty years since the Jody Travis days!